1.1. You agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, our privacy policy, our cookies policy, and any other rules applicable to our betting or gaming products on the website (together, the “Terms”). You are deemed to have accepted and understood all of the Terms by using, visiting, and accessing any part of the website and any sub-domain, website, or mobile application that we own or operate (the “Website”) and creating an account on the website.

1.2. Please carefully read the Terms; if you do not agree with them or cannot accept them, do not use, browse, or otherwise access the Website.

1.3. We can modify these Terms anytime to comply with legal obligations or regulatory requirements. The Website will consist of the most recent version of the Terms accessible. You are presumed to have accepted the modifications to the Terms if you keep using the Website after they take effect.

1.4. Alistair Solutions NV., a business incorporated in Curacao with registration number 155702, runs

1.5. Any reference to “you,” “your,” “customer,” “user,” or “player” refers to any individual utilizing the website or any of its services, as well as those individuals who have registered as customers.

1.6. The term “games” refers to the following: cards, casinos, live casinos, sportsbooks, and any other games that may occasionally be made accessible on the website. At its sole discretion, has the right to add or delete Games from the Website.


2.1 Requirements by law

2.1.1. When we refer to the “Account,” we mean the website account you created after accepting and consenting to these terms. By creating an account, you certify that you are at least eighteen (18) years old or older if required by the laws that apply to you and the jurisdiction in which you reside. You must determine if the services offered on the Website are acceptable in the nation where you now reside. It is prohibited for anybody under eighteen to use this website and any of its services.

2.1.2 If you live in Afghanistan, Armenia, Aruba, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bhutan, Bonaire, Bulgaria, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, Curaçao, Estonia, France, Georgia, Germany, Guam, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Nigeria, Lithuania, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Russia, Saba, Serbia, Spain, St Martin, Statia, Syria, UK, Ukraine, Vietnam, or any other jurisdiction other than the Central Government of Curaçao may not register on the Website and utilize our services. At our sole discretion, we retain the right to reject clients from other nations outside the territories mentioned above.

2.2. Account Registration

2.2.1. register the Account on the Website to place bets, play games, and make deposits.

2.2.2. To create an account, complete a registration form with all the required information, including your username, password, email address, and cellphone number.

2.2.3. You consent to provide your legal name when establishing an account on the website. We might take steps to verify the integrity of the data you submit. You are not permitted to alter this data, but in some circumstances—such as an honest error—you may submit a separate request to the website’s customer care team to change the data.

2.2.4. As part of our security protocols, if you select or are given a username, password, or any other information, you must keep it secret and not share it with any outside parties if you provide your login information to any third party, whether knowingly or unknowingly, actively or passively, we will not be held liable for any abuse or exploitation of your account by those parties. We promise never to ask for your password in public or to get in touch with you to ask for the memory joggers linked to it.

2.2.5. Users are not allowed to create accounts on the website or take advantage of the services and promotions offered there, nor are they allowed to be associated with individuals or former employees of service providers. The same restrictions apply to the people above families. If this regulation is broken, the account will be terminated permanently, and the referred accounts will be viewed as fake. Only the money deposited will be refunded to the account holder; any earnings from these kinds of activity will be considered forfeited by the account holder.

2.2.6 Your Account cannot be pledged, sold, or transferred to another individual. The transfer of any valuable assets, including but not limited to ownership of accounts, winnings, deposits, bets, and any rights or claims associated with these assets—legal, commercial, or otherwise—is prohibited. The encumbrance, pledging, assigning, usufruct, trading, brokering, hypothecation, and gifting in conjunction with a fiduciary or any other third party, company, natural or legal individual, foundation, and association in any way, shape, or form are also prohibited under the transfers as mentioned above.

2.3. Problems with accounts

2.3.1. You must notify us if you lose your password, believe that someone has access to your personal information, or think another user unfairly benefits from fraud or collusion.

2.3.2. Should it appear to us, at our sole discretion, that any of the following situations have transpired, we have the right to declare any wager or transaction void, either in part or in full:

1) The account holder or those connected to the account holder may have direct or indirect control over how an event turns out; 2) The account holder or those connected to the account holder are either directly or indirectly breaking the website’s rules; 3) the outcome of a wager or event has been impacted, either directly or indirectly, by illegal activities; 4) a public notice about the event has drastically altered the probabilities of the event; 5) Bets were placed that ordinarily would not have been accepted but were approved during times when technical issues hampered the website; 6) As a result of an error—misprint, technological malfunction, human error, force majeure, or anything else—bets have been made, placed, and accepted.

2.3.3. We retain the right to close any future accounts that may be registered by the same person, device, or address or that may use the same payment wallets or credit cards and to void/cancel any bets and transactions of that Account when we close or suspend an Account for any reason.

2.3.4. To further safeguard your account from unauthorised usage, we provide two-factor authentication (2FA). You are responsible for ensuring that no one else may access your login credentials and keeping them private.

2.4. By creating an account on the website, you guarantee, affirm, and undertake that:

2.4.1. You are above eighteen (18) years of age, or the greater minimum legal age of majority specified by the applicable jurisdictional laws, and you are permitted to play the Games on the Website by those applicable laws.

2.4.2. You agree to use this website and your account only to participate in the Games properly; you will not use them for any financial or other purposes. You will only play the Games in your non-professional capacity for fun and entertainment.

2.4.3. You engage in the Games exclusively on your behalf, without representing any other party.

2.4.4. You do not hold residency in any of the following jurisdictions: Estonia, France, Georgia, Germany, Guam, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Nigeria, Lithuania, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Russia, Saba, Serbia, Spain, St Martin, Statia, Syria, UK, Ukraine, Vietnam, or any other area under the jurisdiction of the Central Government of Curaçao.

2.4.5. You guarantee that all the information you give Alistair Solutions N.V. is accurate, full, and true and that you will contact us immediately if any of this information changes.

2.4.6. Any prizes you get from Alistair Solutions N.V. are subject to applicable taxes, which you are entirely responsible for reporting and keeping track of.

2.4.7. No funds you put into your account are tainted with illegality in any way, and they don’t come from any unlawful sources or activities specifically.

2.4.8. You know that you might lose the money placed into your account by playing the Games.

2.4.9. You will not use any hardware devices or software-assisted methods or techniques to participate in any Games, nor will you engage in any fraudulent, collusive, fixing, or other unlawful behavior concerning your participation in any of the Games or the involvement of third parties. In the event of such behavior, Alistair Solutions N.V.hereby retains the right to invalidate or cancel your Account or to invalidate your participation in a Game.

2.4.10. You may only use credit cards and other financial instruments that are legitimate and legally yours when making deposits and withdrawals from your account.

2.4.11. The computer program we make accessible to you is copyrighted and otherwise protected by laws about intellectual property by Alistair Solutions N.V. or other third parties. Only personal, recreational use of the program is permitted, subject to all relevant laws, rules, and regulations, as well as the terms and conditions set out above.

2.4.12. The rules for playing games on the website apply to games played in any other environment. You are expected to show consideration for other players and Alistair Solutions N.V. officials by not making offensive or disrespectful remarks, even in chat rooms.


3.1 You can only register and create one account on the website.

3.2. Each IP address, computer, device, and household may only have one account. The owners of the relevant Accounts must notify us in advance if two or more users share a home, IP address, computer, or other equipment.

3.3. We have the right to block or terminate any or all of your Accounts if you register or attempt to register more than one for any reason. In addition, we have the right to cancel withdrawal requests, ban bonuses, and gifts, and nullify any bets made in the duplicate accounts. Furthermore, you will forfeit any returns, wins, or bonuses accumulated during the duplicate account’s lifespan.


4.1. You can cancel your account at any moment and request a withdrawal of the remaining amount, less any applicable withdrawal fees. If you have any open bets, you must cancel them before closing your account and contacting website customer service. The termination of Alistair Solutions N.V. will coincide with the Account’s effective closure. If worries about a potential gambling addiction are the cause of the account’s deletion, you must notify Alistair Solutions N.V.

4.2. We shall have complete discretion over the repayment arrangement.

4.3. At its sole discretion, and without being required to provide a reason or give advance notice, Alistair Solutions N.V. retains the right to close your account and refund you the “Available to withdrawal” balance, less any applicable withdrawal fees.

4.4. Alistair Solutions N.V. maintains the right to cancel and remove the amount of the bonus money that is used a month after its grant.

4.5. In the event of fraud, Alistair Solutions N.V. has the right to reject a withdrawal claim; in such instances, the account will be stopped, and the payment will not be completed.

4.6. Alistair Solutions N.V. will review all player accounts which will categorize them as it sees fit. A player’s account will be terminated, payment will not be completed, and any winnings and bonuses will be nullified if they are labeled “bonus hunters” or “bonus abusers.”


5.1. we shall abide by all relevant data protection legislation about the personal data you provide us. We handle your data in compliance with our privacy policy, which you can view by following this link.


6.1. Criminal Activity

Alistair Solutions N.V. maintains the right to cancel Accounts and to notify the appropriate regulatory authorities of any questionable or unlawful activity enabled by one or more Accounts. Suspicions of attempted fraud and money laundering fall under this category. All infringers will lose their deposits and profits, have their account balances suspended, and cancel withdrawals.

6.2. Corruption and dishonesty

Suppose users are found to be profiting, trying to profit from trading card information, or forming a collusive agreement with other users to take an unfair advantage. In that case, Alistair Solutions N.V. has the right to deactivate their accounts and forfeit their balances (including deposits and winnings). These benefits include talking about a hand while playing, transferring and dumping chips, using numerous accounts with a single account, and soft playing. Alistair Solutions N.V. offers thorough play analysis through automatic and human methods and investigates any associated user complaints. Furthermore, Alistair Solutions N.V. offers proactive and haphazard gameplay and account inspection.

6.3. Illegal behaviour

When Alistair Solutions N.V. discovers fraudulent, illegal, dishonest, or improper activity on the website (such as using a VPN, proxy, or other service that conceals or manipulates the identification of your true location, or placing bets, wagers, or playing poker through or on behalf of a third party), we have the right to block the user’s account and forfeit all associated funds without providing them with prior notice. In these situations, Alistair Solutions N.V. maintains the right to file a report on fraudulent activity with the relevant regulatory and law enforcement bodies, such as banks, credit card companies, or any other person or entity that is legally entitled to receive such information and to pursue legal action against the offending user.


7.1. Alistair Solutions N.V. may provide you with a chat feature as part of your website usage; we control and supervise this chat feature. We retain the right to monitor the conversation and log comments on this platform. These guidelines apply to your usage of the chat feature, which should only be used for socializing and leisure activities.

7.2 You are forbidden from saying anything that is blatantly unpleasant or sexually explicit, including remarks that are racist, bigoted, hateful, or laced with profanity.

7.3. You cannot say anything offensive, harassing, defamatory, or abusive towards the website.

7.4 You cannot say anything that links, endorses, or advertises other online businesses.

7.5. You are not permitted to make any false, harmful, or detrimental claims regarding Alistair Solutions N.V., the Website, or any other website that is related to Alistair Solutions N.V.

7.6. You are not allowed to coordinate through distinct or chat rooms. We shall notify the appropriate law enforcement or regulatory body of suspicious conversations.

7.7. Alistair Solutions N.V. reserves the right to delete the chat room or instantly terminate your Account should you violate any of the rules mentioned above about the chat facility. In the event of such termination, Alistair Solutions N.V. will return any money in your account over any money you may owe us at that time (if any).


8.1. Alistair Solutions N.V. disclaims any liability for server outages, latency, or other gaming-related technical or political issues. Refunds are only possible at Alistair Solutions N.V.’s exclusive discretion.

8.2 To the extent that it is deemed or claimed to have resulted from or in connection with the Website or its content, Alistair Solutions N.V. shall be held harmless for any losses or damages, including without limitation, delays or interruptions in operation or transmission, data loss or corruption, communication or line failure, misuse of the Website or its content by any individual, and errors or omissions in content.

8.3 Should the gaming system break down, all bets are null and invalid.

8.4 If a game is started but fails due to a system malfunction, Alistair Solutions N.V. will reimburse you for the money you wagered in the game by either crediting it to your account or, if an account is no longer in existence, paying it to you in a way that is approved. If you accumulated credit when the game failed, the amount of that credit would be credited to your account, or if an account is no longer in existence, it will be paid to you in a way approved.


9.1 Alistair Solutions N.V. retains the right to assign or transfer its rights and responsibilities under the Terms in any way permitted by law. Your rights and duties under these Terms may not be assigned or otherwise transferred.


10.1. You may email the website’s customer service at with any complaints.

10.2 In the event of a reported issue, Alistair Solutions N.V. will make every attempt to rectify it swiftly.

10.3. You can email Alistair Solutions N.V. at with specific questions about any transaction. Any contested or questioned transactions will be examined. Our decision is clear.


11.1. The entirety of the agreement and understanding between you and Alistair Solutions N.V. regarding this website is contained in these Terms, the Privacy Policy, the Cookies Policy, any document specifically mentioned in them, and any guidelines or rules posted on the website. This agreement supersedes all previous or contemporaneous communications and proposals, whether electronic, oral, or written, between you and Alistair Solutions N.V. regarding this website, except fraud.

11.2. To the same extent and subject to the same restrictions as other business documents and records originally generated and maintained in printed form, a printed copy of these Terms and any notice given in electronic form shall be admissible in judicial or administrative proceedings based upon or relating to these Terms.

11.3. Should any of these terms be deemed unlawful or unenforceable, that item will be removed from these terms, but the remaining provisions will continue to apply.

11.4. The English version of the website will take precedence if there are textual content inconsistencies across language versions.

11.5. Curacaoan law governs these terms, and the parties consent to the jurisdiction of Curacaoan courts and the application of relevant legislation to the arbitration procedures.


12.1. The Alistair Solutions N.V. brand and the Lucky Tiger Casino logo are owned exclusively by us. The prosecution may follow any unauthorized use of the Lucky Tiger Casino brand and logo.

12.2 The universal resource locator of the Alistair Solutions N.V. website is; without our prior written approval, no unauthorized use of this URL may be made on any other website or digital platform.

12.3. The technology, software, and business systems utilized on this website are the property of Alistair Solutions N.V. or are legally licensed to them.

12.4. All rights reserved; Alistair Solutions N.V. owns the information and organization on its website. This website, including all of the material, images, code, files, and links, are protected by copyright and cannot be copied, communicated, or stored in whole or in part without our express written permission. Alistair Solutions N.V. owns it. As a result, neither your registration nor use of our system provides you any ownership rights to the intellectual property stored there.

12.5. Without Alistair Solutions N.V.’s prior written approval, links to this website and any of its pages cannot be placed on any other website.

12.6. You consent to refrain from using any manual or automated tool to keep an eye on the pages of the website or any of its contents.

12.7. Illegal use or duplication might result in legal action.


13.1. Before using any of our services, please carefully read the Terms. You acknowledge and agree to be bound by these Terms, our Privacy Policy, which is incorporated herein by reference, and any other pertinent documents published on our website by visiting our website, using any of the services, or clicking the button to accept or agree to the Terms and Conditions at the time that option is presented.

13.2. You affirm that you have read and comprehended the casino Terms and agree to abide by them by opening an account with us and playing, whether in “fun play” or “real play” mode. If there is any misinterpretation of the Terms, we take no liability. By creating an account on our website, the customer indicates an agreement to be bound by these Terms for the duration of using our website’s services.

13.3. Without informing the Customer, the Casino maintains the right, in its sole discretion, to amend and revise these T&C. Because of this, it is highly advised that the Customer regularly checks this page for updates about any changes to our casino’s policies.

13.4. Should these Terms appear in whole or in part on other websites, the Casino shall not be liable. It covers any copy of these terms that is inaccurate or lacking information. Before utilizing the Casino’s services, the Player should refer to the complete, official version of the Terms and Conditions.

13.5. This document’s original English-language edition is the main authoritative source of information regarding Lucky Tiger Casino regulations. These Terms’ contents may be translated into many different languages and utilized in verbal or written communications with people worldwide.

Some information may need to be recovered, distorted, or misread in translation. The correctness of representation in communication and translation accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

The original document and its contents shall take precedence over any communications or translated versions and this version of the Terms (written in English) in case of discrepancies, inconsistencies, or disputes.

13.6. At its sole discretion, the Casino reserves the right to add or remove any games and promotions, start or stop any activity, and end the Customer’s future membership. The Participation Terms section below contains the circumstances that may result in a membership termination.


14.1. The services offered on this website are just for amusement. By creating an account on our website, the Customer agrees that using the Casino and making real money bets cannot be regarded as a source of revenue. By participating in games of chance, the Customer affirms and agrees they are doing so at their own risk, judgment, and willingness. Additionally, each player acknowledges and confirms that they know there is a chance that the money they used to place bets might be lost.


15.1. The Company does business under the trade name Lucky Tiger Casino and owns all textual and graphic content on this website. When using the website, the consumer does not acquire any such rights.

15.2 In many areas, the legal position of Internet casinos is still being worked out. The classification of online casinos may alter in response to new legislation and regulations. As a result, the Company disclaims all liability about its ability to provide all of the casino’s features at all times, and it explicitly maintains the right to modify these conditions at any time.

15.3. For customers who register on our website, Our Casino does not assume any liability regarding the validity of online gaming. We don’t want to offer our services to anyone who lives in areas where gambling is prohibited. Consequently, the Customer is exclusively responsible for ascertaining the legality of engaging in games of chance inside their respective countries and for adhering to local regulations concerning online gambling. The website’s users, located in a jurisdiction that forbids online gambling, have full responsibility for the outcomes of their actions.


16.1. A person, household, or physical address may only have one account. If it is discovered that a customer has made more than one account, their membership may be canceled immediately.

16.2. The Customer must provide true and current information while registering. That is required for the withdrawal procedure and helps us confirm the customer’s identity. If it is discovered that a customer supplied incorrect information, their membership may be revoked immediately without prior notice.

16.3. A customer must be 18 to register and participate in our casino. If a customer’s age is determined to be underage, their membership will be canceled immediately.

16.4: Playing at our casino is not permitted for citizens of the following nations: Afghanistan, Armenia, Aruba, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bhutan, Bonaire, Bulgaria, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, Curaçao, Estonia, France, Georgia, Germany, Guam, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Nigeria, Lithuania, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Russia, Saba, Serbia, Spain, St Martin, Statia, Syria, UK, Ukraine, Vietnam, or any other jurisdiction other than the Central Government of Curaçao). If it is discovered that a customer is a resident of one of these nations, their membership will be canceled immediately.

The casino management retains the right to cancel any account that visits The Casino from any locations above using a virtual private network connection.

16.5. the Client must confirm that no restrictions are being broken and that it is lawful for them to play online games from where they now live.

16.6. Driven by RTG Although certain software may not work with specific hardware and software systems, Lucky Tiger Casino disclaims all liability for deposits made in error before verifying that the casino website is compatible with the user’s hardware and software.

16.7. The Player acknowledges that by supplying their email address at registration, they may occasionally receive emails at that address. Regarding the accuracy and applicability of other parties’ marketing and promotional materials delivered to the customer, Our Casino is not liable.

16.8. The Player must maintain the confidentiality of their password and account information. The Player will be accountable for all the repercussions if they don’t. Kindly contact our Customer Support team immediately if you suspect any suspicious behavior related to your account.

16.9. You may only enter the Casino for non-business purposes and your amusement. It is expressly forbidden to enter the Casino or use the Website in any other way.

16.10 Using software or any mechanical, robotic, electrical, or other equipment to decide how to play a game automatically is strictly prohibited.

16.11 The Player understands that making bets at the Casino is their voluntary participation and is the same as gambling. A financial risk is associated with participation, and Lucky Tiger Casino will never be held responsible for any losses or damages the player may suffer from using the casino.

16.12. The information on the Casino’s servers is deemed final and mandatory in the event of any disagreements about the game results and discrepancies between the results displayed on the Customer’s casino interface and the Casino’s servers.

16.13. Our casino does not cover any issues that arise at the customer’s end, such as a bad internet connection, malfunctioning software, malicious malware, malfunctioning hardware, etc. The casino maintains the right to regard the data on its servers as final and binding if the malfunction impacts the wagering procedure or the result of a game.

16.14. You agree to the unrestricted use of your name for commercial and promotional reasons by accepting any prize and awards from the Company. The player’s first name and last name initial will be the only information utilized to announce the triumph to maintain complete privacy and security.

16.15. All company employees, their families, licensees, distributors, advertising agencies, and other business partners are prohibited from using the website’s services.


17.1 You acknowledge that, in some situations, and without giving you specific notice beforehand, the Company may limit or terminate your use of and access to any services we provide. The requirement for registration is the most prominent example.

17.2. A few possible justifications for this kind of termination include, but are not restricted to, a request from law enforcement or another government agency; a breach, violation, or suspected breach of these Terms and Conditions or other incorporated terms or guidelines; our decision to stop providing our services or modify them; technical or security issues; fraudulent or unlawful activity.

17.3. You acknowledge that the Casino will not be responsible for any fallout from the termination of your usage of or access to the Casino and that all terminations will be done at our sole discretion.

  1. FAIR GAMING 18.1. Using a verified and audited Random Number Generator (RNG), Lucky Tiger Casino always ensures fair play. With millions of game rounds done and studied, this industry-standard approach ensures consistently random outcomes.

Please visit our Responsible Gaming website for more information on how Lucky Tiger Casino offers fair gaming.


19.1. We have established the necessary security policies, procedures, and technological safeguards to safeguard the personal information under our control against illegal access, inappropriate use or disclosure, unauthorized alteration, unlawful destruction, or unintentional loss. We employ 256-bit SSL encryption, the industry standard and the same security many significant financial institutions utilize.

19.2. The Casino uses up-to-date security technologies and tried-and-true procedures to ensure the privacy of your personal information. Every employee with access to player data is subject to stringent screening procedures and is expected to uphold the company’s information confidentiality policies and general ethical standards. Unless mandated by law, no government agency or authority will receive access to your information.

19.3. Nonetheless, the customer must maintain the privacy of all account information, including the username and password.

19.4 Passwords and usernames are regarded as private information. As a result, the player is solely accountable for maintaining the confidentiality of the data above. Giving their account information to any third parties—including, but not limited to, children—is forbidden. Suppose the Player misplaces, loses, forgets, or is otherwise unable to access the Casino due to an issue other than an error on the part of the Company. In that case, the Company shall not be obliged to keep track of login credentials or passwords.


20.1. The customer can select USD and AUD as their currency upon registration. It is not possible to request a withdrawal in any other currency. The exchange rates are not the casino’s responsibility if a card in a foreign currency is used.

20.2 There are no costs associated with deposits or withdrawals made at the Casino; however, a bank or payment processor may charge a processing fee. All processing costs for deposits and withdrawals remain the customers’ full responsibility.

20.3. The Customer must use the payment methods that the Casino has registered in their name for making deposits. Using cards or other non-banking means that are registered to other people or do not belong to them is forbidden.

20.4. Following the first successful deposit, an identity verification is necessary since customer security is our top concern. The Customer must verify some of the payment details and the personal information they provided during the registration procedure over the phone.

20.5. The Casino retains the right, at any time and particularly before completing any deposits or withdrawals, to seek documentation to verify an individual’s identification or if the Casino suspects the Player of engaging in fraudulent behavior. Winnings may be frozen, and accounts that are the subject of a fraud investigation may be stopped indefinitely until the inquiry is concluded.

20.6. the casino can only accept the prizes if any documentation is present.

20.7. All deposits are deemed final, and Customer Support should be contacted with any questions or complaints. You promise not to chargeback, renounce, cancel, or reverse your deposits. Should you do so, all winnings will be nullified, and you will reimburse the casino for any overdue deposits, including any costs incurred by it in retrieving your deposit or deposits.

20.8. Using any of the methods listed in article 9.7 to threaten someone will be regarded as a violation of these terms. Threats, both written and verbal, are included in this.

20.9. To refer to transaction alerts as needed, please note the ones that arrive in your mailbox.

20.10. Before requesting a withdrawal, the Player must wager any deposits they have made at least once. Please visit the Cashier page to find out more about your depositing choices.

20.11. Any transactions deemed to represent an unacceptable risk for security or legal reasons will have payments reversed or refunds initiated by the casino. The risk can be evaluated by authorized staff members, casino management, or card payment operators. All such transactions will restore funds to the original account, and the Casino will contact the relevant authorities. All profits from returned or reversed deposits will be considered null and void. The wagered balance will not be refundable if any bets are placed using the money from these deposits or any promotional bonuses associated with that deposit.

20.12 Winnings obtained through a casino promotion are subject to our bonus terms.

20.13. Our system needs a verification deposit using your chosen withdrawal method to process a withdrawal request. That is what’s done to connect your casino account and withdrawal method account.

20.14. You must select the method of money delivery when making a withdrawal. When paying you, we’ll utilize the preferred option you picked. If necessary, however, we reserve the right to reimburse you using the most sensible method.

Withdrawal processes may differ according to your country, jurisdiction, and depositing methods.

20.15. The following papers are required for our company to conduct a withdrawal transaction:

-Copy of a legitimate photo ID, such as a passport, driver’s license, or ID. A high-quality colored digital photo or image scan should be used for the copy. The copy must be complete with all ID data on both sides and without cropping.

-Copy of each credit or debit card that was used successfully. A high-quality colored digital photo or image scan should be used for the copy. The whole name of the cardholder, the first six and last four digits of the card number, and the expiration date must all be present in the copy, which cannot be cropped.

-A utility bill copy that is at most two months old. A high-quality colored digital photo or image scan should be used for the copy. The whole name, the issue date, and the billing address must be included in the copy; it cannot be cropped.

-Only if you made a deposit using your credit or debit card at the casino.

-Card authentication is necessary; only a withdrawal application with legitimate financial information guarantees correct withdrawal processing.

*Note that you must authenticate a different credit or debit card before making a withdrawal request if you wish to use one. Make sure you email all of the documentation needed for card verification.

If further proof is required to validate account information, the Casino can request it. The casino can refuse prizes if any paperwork needs to be included.

Please be aware that your papers will take three to four business days (excluding weekends) to be approved.

20.16. Any type of document fabrication is a severe violation that can lead to the account or winnings of the User being canceled.

20.17. Players should remember that the maximum amount they may take from the Casino when they plan their withdrawals is $500 or AUD 500 daily, or $2,000 or AUD 2000 weekly. The Casino maintains the right to send some payments over a certain time in numerous installments. VIP customer withdrawal restrictions may differ. To learn more, kindly get in touch with our support team.

20.18. Every time a client wishes to switch the account they choose to use for withdrawals, they must give the casino their current, valid banking information together with a completed Withdrawal Application Form. The casino disclaims all liability for any money sent to an inactive or closed account if the information above is withheld.


21.1. If: The Casino maintains the right to refuse a winning request

-The client has been flagged as abusing bonuses or accounts;

-To avoid jeopardizing promotional credits or money, the customer is using low- or no-risk tactics;

-The casino has good grounds to suspect that any player abusing promotions or utilizing software or any other technique to defeat the casino

-The customer has not just visited the casino for personal enjoyment (that is if you regularly use betting strategies to outsmart the establishment or are attempting to make a living off of gambling)

-Our industry-wide security database for the gambling business has your personal information on a blocklist;

-The name on the customer’s casino account does not match the name on the debit or credit card(s) they used to deposit with our casino, or the customer submitted false or misleading registration, identity, or bank account information;

-The customer reversed, renounced, canceled, or otherwise charged back any of your deposits;

-The customer used a bonus for these kinds of games to put outside bets (odds, evens, reds, blacks, dozens, etc.) in roulette;

-Since live and progressive games may only be played with the net amount placed, the customer is accessing them with house money.


The bonuses available at Lucky Tiger Casino are all subject to the following terms and conditions.

22.1. Before redeeming a promotion, it is the Players’ exclusive duty to learn about its terms and conditions.

22.2. Please be aware that you must claim a bonus before performing a deposit transaction, either through the Cashier part of the website or with assistance from a Customer Service person, to be eligible for any promotional money.

22.3. The player is only eligible to get one deposit bonus per deposit as it is against the rules for the player to claim several bonuses at once. Unless specifically indicated differently in the Bonus’ Terms or Promotions section, bonuses may only be claimed once per player, account, household, IP address, email address, or computer.

22.4. A promotion is only considered finished if you have requested a cashout and met the wagering criteria or your balance is less than $1. While the bonus is still in effect, your account will be subject to any wagering requirements and limitations associated with that offer. If you make a new deposit into your account with a balance of $1 or more, the remaining wagering requirements and constraints from an unfinished promotion will still apply.

22.5. You may see the wagering requirements associated with each bonus in the terms and conditions of that particular offer.

22.6. You can play certain game genres with each bonus:

-Promotions for slots include the following games: Keno, Bingo, Scratch Cards, Real-Series Video Slots, Slots, and Board Games.

-BlackJack, Multihand Video Poker, Video Poker, Tri Card Poker, Keno, Bingo, Scratch Cards, and Board Games are among the games that are part of the Card promotions.

-American, European, French, and multiplayer roulette are among the games offered in roulette promotions.

22.7. The following is how the wagering contribution of bonuses on each kind of game will be tallied:

-Slot machines, Keno, Bingo, Scratch Cards, Real-Series Video Slot Machines, and Board Games: Every $1 wagered adds $1 to the wagering requirement.

-BlackJack, Tri Card Poker, Multihand Video Poker, and Video Poker add $0.20 to the wagering requirement for every $1 gambled.

-The wagering requirement is $0.10 for each $1 gambled in American, European, French, and multiplayer roulette.

22.8. Unless otherwise specified, all bonuses’ wagering requirements must be fulfilled on the games that are part of the offer. Any earnings from the bonus will be forfeited if they are wagered on a prohibited game.

22.9. The maximum (total) stake for each hand, spin, card, etc., while an active bonus is $10. Until the wagering criteria are met, this maximum bet regulation will be in effect. Any gains from wagers over this cap will be forfeited, along with the bonus.


23.1. No Down Payment There may only be one welcome bonus awarded to any player, account, household, IP address, email address, or computer. The offer and all associated wins are nullified if you have a connected account with the casino.

23.2. The No-Deposit Welcome bonus has wagering restrictions that are 50 times more than the bonus for slots, table games, and specialty.

23.3. Please refer to Bonus Terms points 11.6, 11.8, and 11.9 by the regulations about the games covered in the various promo kinds and maximum bet amounts.

23.4. Without a Down payment, The maximum withdrawal amount for welcome bonuses of $39 or less is $50. Unless otherwise indicated, bonuses with $40 or more values have a $100 maximum withdrawal limit.

23.5. A withdrawal may be requested if the wagering conditions are satisfied.

23.6. Our system requires a verification deposit of $25 (for bonuses with a maximum withdrawal of $100) or an amount equal to the difference between the maximum cashout of the bonus and the minimum withdrawal amount, which should be wagered once to request a withdrawal of a No-Deposit Welcome Bonus after wagering requirements are met.


24.1. you can get welcome match bonuses on your first three deposits after registering.

24.2 the wagering requirements associated with Match bonuses are (deposit + bonus) x 35 for slots, cards, and specialties.

24.3. Please refer to Bonus Terms points 11.6, 11.8, and 11.9 for the regulations about the games that are part of the various promo kinds and the maximum wager amounts.

24.4. Welcome to the Game Unless otherwise specified, bonuses are not refundable and have a maximum withdrawal amount equal to x20 the initial investment.


25.1. The wagering requirements for Match bonuses are as follows: for slots, they are (deposit + bonus) x30; for cards, they are x35; and for roulette, they are x60.

25.2. Please refer to Bonus Terms points 11.6, 11.8, and 11.9 by the regulations of the games that are part of the various promo kinds and the maximum bet amounts.

25.3. Match bonuses have no maximum cashout restrictions. However, the bonus amount is sticky, and the initial bonus amount is subtracted when withdrawn.

25.4. You may verify the deposit amounts required for certain Match bonuses in each Bonus T&C.


26.1. Free Chips or Free Spins are applied as cashback.

26.2. To be eligible for Cashback Bonuses, you must have made at least one successful deposit.

26.3. Refunds If a player has less than $1 in playable balance, bonuses may be applied.

26.4. Cashback cannot be applied While a customer’s withdrawal request is being processed.

26.5. The 40x bonus for slots, 45x bonus for cards, and 60x bonus for roulette are the wagering requirements associated with Free Chip.

26.6. Unless otherwise specified, the maximum withdrawal amount for Free Chips is determined by multiplying the bonus amount by six.

26.7. Please refer to Bonus Terms points 11.6, 11.8, and 11.9 by the regulations about the games covered in the various promo kinds and maximum bet amounts.

26.8. There is an x40 wagering requirement for any bonus spin wins.

26.9. Unless otherwise specified, the maximum withdrawal amount from free spins is determined by multiplying the quantity of free spins by x6.

26.10. The Customer receives a set amount of free spins on a specific game when they use Free Spins. The coin price, number of lines, and stake amounts are all predetermined.

26.11. Any additional deposits made to the Player’s account over the bonus amount will maintain the remaining wagering requirements and restrictions associated with an unfinished promotion.


27.1. The Customer will immediately accrue Comp Points when they begin playing real-money games.

27.2. Comp points are awarded based on the type of game and the customer’s player class:

  • -Starter: Slots – $20:1, Cards – $30:1, Roulette $40:1;
  • -Lucky Newcomer: Slots – $20:1, Cards – $30:1, Roulette $40:1.
  • -Enlightened apprentice: Slots – $18:1, Cards – $27:1, Roulette $36:1.
  • -Tiger’s Associate: Slots – $16:1, Cards – $24:1, Roulette $32:1.
  • -Lucky Fellow: Slots – $14:1, Cards – $21:1, Roulette $28:1.
  • -Fortune Maker: Slots – $12:1, Cards – $18:1, Roulette $24:1.
  • -Jungle Mentor: Slots – $11:1, Cards – $16:1, Roulette $22:1.
  • -Master of Luck: Slots – $10:1, Cards – $15:1, Roulette $20:1.

You can modify your comp point ratio based on past behavior at The Casino.

27.3. A minimum of 100 Comp Points, or $1, must be redeemed to convert into actual money.

27.4. no wagering requirements or maximum cashout limitations exist when converting Comp Points into actual cash.


Regular Tournaments

28.1. You must first join the tournament in the casino lobby and make a minimum $25 deposit to participate. All your bets at Lucky Tiger are considered and converted into coins at a 20:1 ratio as of that exact instant.

Depending on their player’s class, players with higher player classes receive larger ratios. Each player may find their current ratio at Lucky Tiger by contacting our Customer Support.

28.2: The number of players determines the progressive reward pool.

Participants 1–5: $50; Participants 5–20: $100; Participants 20–50: $200; Participants 50–100: $300; Participants 100–500: $500; Participants 1000+: $1000.

28.3: Free chips with WG x 40 and a maximum cashout x 6 are rewarded.

28.4 Only when the player’s casino balance is less than $1 may the reward be claimed through Live Chat.

28.5. Refund requests made by participants during the Tournament will not be used towards awards.


28.6. Each Player has an opportunity to take part in the Free Tournament.

28.7. Only the casino’s download version offers free tournaments.

28.8. Four winners will split the $250 prize pool: first place ($125), second place ($62.50), third place ($37.50), and fourth place ($25).

Before you play, read and comprehend the Tournament T&C since the Cashout Limits and Wagering Requirements may vary from those of normal Bonuses.

28.9. The Player who has never deposited at the Casino must ensure that the following guidelines are followed to withdraw the Free Chip prize:

-The player has two options: select the No-Deposit Welcome Bonus during their initial play OR participate in the free tournament. 

-If the player selects the No-Deposit Welcome Bonus and enters our free tournament, they cannot withdraw their winnings. 

-Each player is only allowed to enter the free tournament once. The Player will not be permitted to withdraw any wins from the second or future Tournament if they enter the Tournament twice.

-Our system needs a verification deposit of $25 or equivalent to the difference between the maximum cashout of the bonus and the minimum withdrawal amount, which shall be wagered once, to request a withdrawal of a Tournament Prize when wagering conditions are satisfied.


29.1. Players who have deposited $2,000 or more can join the Lucky League VIP Programme.

29.2: Players will be placed in a VIP class based on the total number of deposits made over the preceding calendar month. Automatic class assignments will be made on the first day of the month.

29.3. There are six VIP classifications available with Lucky League:

  • -Enlightened apprentice: $0-999
  • -Tiger’s Associate: $1000-1999
  • -Lucky Fellow: $2000-4999
  • -Fortune Maker: $5000-9999
  • -Jungle Mentor: $10 000 – $19 999
  • -Master Of Luck: $20 000+

29.4. Every VIP class has a unique advantage:

a bonus for Loyalty. The bonus is a Free Chip for Slots and Specialties, with WG x40 and a maximum CO that varies based on the player class.

 -Cashback every month. Cashback is offered as a Free Bonus, with no maximum CO, and may be redeemed for either Slots (WG x30) or Cards (WG x35).

The amount deposited during the preceding calendar month is used to compute the Monthly Cashback Bonus. The Player VIP class has an impact on the percentage rate as well. Players must have yet to make any deposits during the preceding calendar month to be eligible for the Monthly Cashback Bonus.

 -Cashback for the weekend. Cashback is offered as a Free Bonus, with no maximum CO, and may be redeemed for either Slots (WG x30) or Cards (WG x35).

The amount deposited during the prior calendar week is used to compute the Weekend Cashback Bonus. The Player VIP class has an impact on the percentage rate as well. The Player must be assigned to one of the VIP classes—Lucky Fellow, Fortune Maker, Jungle Mentor, or Master of Luck—to receive this Bonus.

-Bet Limit Adjustment. Players can seek to have their maximum bet limit increased by contacting their Account Manager if they are Lucky Fellow, Fortune Maker, or Jungle Mentor. There are no limits on the Bet Limit for Master of Luck Players.

-Comp Points. VIP Players receive more Comp Points for every wager they place. Please see 16.2. Comp Points of these Terms & Conditions for further details.

29.5. Please contact our Customer Service to learn more about your current Player Class and its benefits.

29.6. Our Bonus Terms apply to all Lucky League Promotions.


30.1. Should the Customer violate any of the terms outlined in these T&Cs, the Company retains the right to terminate the Customer’s account immediately without notice. Any money in the customer’s account at the time of the cancellation could be refunded to them. Still, the company has the absolute right to withhold any wins and seize any money from the customer’s casino account if:

-The customer opened several accounts at the casino

-The account is associated with a minor

-The customer is from a nation where opening a real-money account is prohibited

-The name on the customer’s casino account does not match the name on the debit or credit card(s) they used to deposit with our casino, or the customer submitted false or misleading registration, identity, or bank account information

-The customer let another person use their casino account

-The casino account is utilized as a part of a club, group, etc., rather than being used for individual personal amusement

-The customer has been labeled as a bonus abuser for engaging in no-risk or low-risk play to withdraw promotional money

-The customer was discovered using any automated play software, such as “bots,” or any kind of simulation tools or systems intended to provide an unfair advantage over the casino

-The customer made a “chargeback” or “dispute” of the deposits made with a credit/debit card into the casino account or threatened to do so in any other online casino or website

 -The customer has been found guilty of fraudulent or suspicious behavior at another online gaming business, including chargebacks, collusion, or criminal activities

30.2. For the reasons outlined above, the Casino retains the right to deny membership to any application and suspend any current member’s playing privileges.


31.1. If any of these terms are invalid, unenforceable, or unlawful, the other parts of these Terms of Use will still apply.

31.2. upon realization and within a reasonable adjustment period, the firm shall remove and punish any unenforceable phrase, with the remaining clauses continuing in effect.


32.1. You warrant to the Company that if you make a deposit or use our website in any manner, you will:

-You have reviewed the Casino’s Terms and Conditions and have acquired sufficient knowledge to enable you to make well-informed choices regarding the use of our services.

-You guarantee and indicate that you are fully capable and competent to accept and adhere to the terms, conditions, obligations, affirmations, representations, and warranties included in these terms and conditions.

-You specifically acknowledge and accept that utilizing our services has no risk for you and that you may lose money.

-Insofar as utilizing the Casino’s services is concerned, you are sufficiently aware of the laws that apply to you.

-You must ensure that neither your deposits nor your usage of our services will result in legal infractions within your country.

-By participating in any game at the casino, you represent that you are aware of its regulations and may access them by using the “Help” section of the establishment.

For the reasons listed above, the Casino retains the right to reject a membership application, suspend an active account, and revoke any rights.


33.1. The whole agreement between the Player and the Company is included in the Terms and Conditions listed above, as well as any other relevant documents that the Casino may post in the future and contain terms, regulations, policies, or conditions of participation in the services of the Company.

33.2. This agreement supersedes all previous agreements.

33.3. Any rights not specifically granted under the Terms and Conditions are reserved by the Casino.


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